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Development Update #8 | Targets Met – Time to Launch!
Main Updates:

Retailer Target Met

We now have commitment from 15 local independent retailers which was our target for launching Loyal to Fylde.  The support and interest from local businesses has been tremendous.  We have a significant number of businesses interested but just not ready or in a position to come on board at this time but we fully expect continued steady growth througout the remainder of 2018 and beyond.

Thank you for Novello & Endless Pursuits of Lytham and Serendipity House of Kirkham for choosing to support our initiative this week and make up these numbers.

App update

I now have the fully functional versions of the Consumer and Retailer applications.  These are being polished ready to take out and demonstrate.  The look and feel of the platform will continue to evolve as we receive feedback from our members to ensure we are providing the best experience we can.

All pre-registered businesses will have their offers & rewards uploaded on to our platform prior to launch so we will be able to see what will be on offer from DAY 1!

Independent Retailer Maps – If you know any business owners represented on this map – please let them know.

Our end goal is to connect with all independent business owners across the Fylde so that we have the opportunity to discuss our shop local initiative with decision makers.  This is a mammoth task but we must start somewhere.

We have compiled a list of all independent retailers in Lytham (hopefully we didn’t miss anyone – contact us if we did please).  We will boost the presence of the business on this map in return for following the instructions on the page to simply connect with us.

If we receive a good response then our efforts will continue in creating maps for other towns across Fylde.

Independent Retailer Map

Lancashire Life – Look out for us!

Grab a copy of August’s Lancashire Life, on sale from 20th July to see our featured article.

Fylde Council Newsletter

In case you missed it – Fylde Council created an article about the venture; ascerting their full support for the business and the potential it has for the area.  You can see it HERE.

Social Media – we need your support

If you are an interested party yet have not followed us on Facebook and/or Twitter please do so. Our social network presence means a lot to us as it greatly widens our reach to the public.

That’s all for this week.