Fylde residents and visitors will use just one loyalty card or smartphone app to benefit from rewards by shopping local in the same way they always have.




Shop local – start earning!

Earn as you spend: Each particpating business will set a ‘point per £1’ target for you to reach in order to unlock a reward or voucher to spend with them.  Over the course of the year you will have dozens of reward opportunities just for continuing to shop local.

Simple Design: One Card and/or Smartphone App can be used with every retailer who is part of the scheme across The Fylde.

Simply present your card/app to the retailer and they will do the rest!

Dozens of offers: Retailers will be given the tools to create offers to promote their offerings.  All of these offers, and your progress towards unlocking them, will be visible through our app or web portal.  Explore new places and grab those bargains!

Complete Control: You can manage your account directly from your smartphone app or website login – check your points progression, view previous transactions and browse the rewards you have unlocked.

Local Support & Community Spirit: Every new member gives our local retailers a greater opportunity thrive through increased engagement and feedback avenues.  As we grow as a business we will contribute back to the retailers and to local causes.

Engagement: Stay informed through tailored communications from ourselves and retailers regarding new outlets, developments and exclusive offers.  A wealth of local shopping opportunities at your fingertips.